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dissoDISCO 2023 – Exciting Lineup and Agenda Revealed for Dissolution Discovery Summit

Key Speakers and Topics: 

  • Dr. Karen Krauel-Göllner (Agilent Technologies) 

Dissolution in 45 Minutes: A comprehensive dive into the basics, regulations, and fundamentals of dissolution testing and Formulations challenging your Dissolution Testing. 

  • Owain McKenzie (Agilent Technologies) 

Optimising The Benefits of Dissolution Automation for Your Laboratory and Qualification data integrity.  

  • Ken Boda (Agilent Technologies)

Method Development with Focus on Media Selection and Media Degassing. 

  • Aljaž Šporin (Merel d.o.o.) 

Evaluation of Cleaning Cycles. 

  • Nejc Zorko Horvat (Merel d.o.o.) 

Media Handling in Laboratory: Insights into best practices for media handling. 

  • Matjaž Golič (Merel d.o.o.) 

Automation of Dissolution Media Preparation: A walkthrough of advanced automated media preparation techniques. 

Instrument Showcases: 

  • Agilent 708-DS and Agilent 850-DS 
  • Merel dissoDOSE: Innovative automated dosing system. 
  • Merel dissoBOT: Automated Dissolution System
  • Merel dissoWASH&DOSE: World Premiere at dissoDISCO, a revolutionary Semi-automated washing and media handling system.
  • Merel dissoSHIELD: Advanced solution for controlled environments. 
  • Merel dissoGUARD: Dissolution Surveillance System. 
  • Merel Collaborative Interactive Laboratory Surface: Innovative laboratory surface promoting collaboration. 
  • Automatic Sodium Phosphate Buffer Media Preparation: Streamlined media preparation solution.

Event Details: 

  • Date: November 21-23, 2023 
  • Venue: Congress Hall at Galerija okusov, Novo Celje, Slovenia 
  • Registration: Open until November 11, 2023, at 

Join us at dissoDISCO 2023 for an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights from experts, witness live demonstrations of state-of-the-art instruments, and network with industry peers. To stay updated, follow us on LinkedIn. 

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 Merel Instruments – Empowering Innovation, Enhancing Dissolution. 

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