Automated media degassing system

merel instruments


merel instruments

Precise removal of dissolved gases from the test solution or medium.

Merel dissoDG is an automated media degassing system designed for pharmaceutical dissolution testing. Operating in compliance with the stringent USP degassing procedure, dissoDG ensures the precise removal of dissolved gases from the test solution or medium.


Key features

Advanced degassing

Using the USP degassing procedure, dissoDG adeptly eliminates dissolved oxygen and air components, guaranteeing a level below the industry limit of 6.72 ppm at 37°C.

Efficient operation

With a basic setup of 1x9L media container, dissoDG can handle 6L or 8L media preparation, allowing for versatile usability in various testing scenarios.

Rapid deggasing

Capable of degassing 8L of media within a swift 20 minute cycle, dissoDG ensures a quick turnover for uninterrupted testing workflows.

User-friendly controls

The system is operated through easy-to-use push buttons, eliminating the need for external controls and simplifying the degassing process significantly.


Application in pharmaceutical dissolution testing

Dissolution media degassing is indispensable in pharmaceutical dissolution testing, ensuring the accuracy and reproducibility of results. Merel dissoDG not only meets but exceeds industry standards, enabling pharmaceutical professionals to conduct dissolution tests with utmost precision and reliability.

merel instruments


A standalone desktop unit or integrated element

It can be used as a standalone desktop unit or integrated seamlessly into the Merel dissoBOT automated dissolution testing system as well as into any compatible advanced automated media preparation system.

Technical information


  • Functions

    Automated Media Deaeration System, using USP degassing procedure

  • Basic Setup

    1x9L media container, suitable for 6L or 8L media preparation (selectable)

  • Capacity

    8L of media is deaerated in 20min

  • Controls

    push buttons operated, none external controls necessary

  • Dimensions

    300x450x420mm (WxDxH)

  • Weight

    Approx. 20kg

  • Required supply

    100 V – 240 V AC (+/-10 %), 50/60 Hz, 16A

  • Max. Power Consumption



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merel instruments


Precise removal of dissolved gases from the test solution or medium.

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